Service And Supply Issues Solved Through CRM And ERP Platforms

11 September 2018
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When you are looking for ways to better manage your field service business, you may be considering investing in an enterprise resource planning platform (ERP) or a customer relationship management program (CRM). There are even platforms that provide both. If you're wondering what an ERP platform can contribute to your business management, you may be surprised. Here are a few of the problems that can be solved by investing in a platform like this. Read More 

What Are The Benefits Of Using An IT Services Company?

16 March 2018
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IT services companies have become more and more common over the last decade or so as the ability to work effectively remotely has become easier.  Many business owners and management professionals are not familiar with these companies and what they offer, or may not understand the benefits of hiring such a company.  These companies offer, essentially, an outsourced IT department, backed by standardized policies, procedures, and technology. Speed One of the biggest benefits of working with such a company is that it can lead to a fully functional IT department in a relatively short time. Read More 

4 Faqs Regarding Cyber Security Careers

6 March 2018
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Technology, information technology and many other similar fields are becoming more and more popular as technology advances. As internet use grows, cyber security becomes an incredibly important concern for private citizens, businesses and even the government. If you are considering a job in cyber security, check out these four frequently asked questions regarding cyber security careers to see if one is right for you. What Is Cyber Security? Cyber security is everything a company does to protect against cyber threats, such as hackers. Read More 

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Attention To Customer Card Security

3 December 2017
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If you own a store and take credit and debit card payments from customers -- and you've been putting off having your system checked to ensure it complies with the latest Payment Card Industry Standards -- you could be in for a tough time. These data security standards are meant to protect your customers' information from potential computer security threats. You may think you're a small store, but that doesn't mean you're protected from possible trouble. Read More 

Being A Flexible Gamer As A Mac User

8 November 2017
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Do you need to buy a non-Apple personal computer (PC) to play games as a Mac user? Why? Although many games in the 1980's and 1990's were on Apple computers, the modern age of gaming means either playing cute puzzle games on any mobile device or sticking to a PC if you want high definition, high-powered games. Here are a few details about modern gaming, as well as options for enjoying a wide selection of modern computer games. Read More